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    Salem: Getting To The Root

     It's been what feels like ages (but is in fact a year) since we sat down with Salem during 2010's South By Southwest festival. In that time, they've released a stunning debut record--one of our favorites of the last year--and continued to amass controversy.In anticipation of their forthcoming NYC show at Santos Party House (if we were into labeling things in a fashion akin to Lil' B, someone who actually finds a kindred spirit in the weird earnestness of Salem's Jack Donoghue, John Holland and Heather Marlatt, we'd call this a #rare #based performance), we caught up with Jack, John and Heather via email to discuss music critics (particularly Chris Weingarten), song lyrics and being the poster children for a scene. And what we found out...was amazing. These guys, after everything, are just three friends who enjoy making music. Sharing it with the world? They're cool with that, also. The fact that some people like it? That's just a plus. Strip away the ascribed image and you'll find what we did: there's no manipulation, no metaphor, no ulterior motive behind these words. Read them for yourself and realize: S4LEM: they're just like you and I.

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    Our gift (guide) to you.

    We have seen about 500 different gift guides over the past three weeks but none of them really appealed to our refined tastes.  Where's the gift roundup for young fans of Stevie Nicks who wear too-tight black jeans and silver jewelry and lurk in the corner of underground after-hours clubs and occasionally indulge in a watermelon-fourLOKO-and-cough syrup cocktail.  WHERE'S THE WITCHHOUSE GIFT GUIDE?

    We realized, of course, that everyone was leaving that one up to us.  And so we present to you, dear readers, the least-cheery gift guide of all.  Happy holidays or whatever from your friends at soldout.


    A Witch House/Grave Wave/Fuckcore Gift Guide from Soldout.

     Starting off easy and obvious...


    SALEM on vinyl, for your live-mixing needs.  And cuz it's classier than the illegal download you've been listening to all year..

    SALEM King Night on Vinyl, $12.99


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    DRΔK3 remi(si)x(i)x(i)x

    soldout presents an exclusive: the fukc0r3 remix of Drake + Nicki Minaj's instant classic "Up All Night". Shit sounds filtered through concrete, heavy metal in that kind of way that, like, White Ring would think is heavy metal: atmosphere so thick you could butter your nasty bread with it. Headphones necessary. 


    DRΔK3 + N1k1 m!nΔJ= Upp Alll Nyte (fukc0r3 concrete remix)




    Turning things around: the SALEM controversy

    Updated on Oct 8, 2010 by Registered CommenterMarley

    Updated on Oct 8, 2010 by Registered CommenterMarley

    Updated on Oct 8, 2010 by Registered CommenterRuss

    Updated on Oct 8, 2010 by Registered CommenterRuss

    Now that Salem's  KING NIGHT is actually out, we at soldout (AKA the salem-superfan-superfascination site) are enjoying mainstream reviws of the album. Naturally, more than one have noted the interesting mix of musical styles that Salem blend--shoegaze, rap, drone, pop, screw, crunk--and we have to nod to Pitchfork for making a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah comparison, to our surprise, instead of commending the group for bridging the gaps between these vastly different styles some reviwers have taken to suggesting that the group's intents were based on racial appropriation. While we're open to hearing everyone else's opinion on our favorite trainwreck of a musical group, we're not so sure what to think of reviwers who so casually throw around terms like, racist and minstrelsy.

    To wit: the esteemed twitter music critic 1000timesyes  aka Chris Weingarten vs our own Dr Z 


    Those terms are heavy, loaded and easy--or, to put it much more casually, them's fightin' words. But maybe it is we who are missing something? For us, t's not a black and white issue (pun... indented).  So the members who are online at 11 AM on a Friday (read as: Liz Raftery is innocent in all this) are discussing...and we hope you'll join in.  Note: this conversation is UNEDITED

    Kristin: Wow. I'm really surprised by that well-written and thoughtful review. I guess it takes more than 140 characters to do that kind of thinking!

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