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About music and about writing about music. And sometimes about writing about writing about music. 

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    Overly immersed in any and all media. Kanye West is the Dave Eggers of hip hop and that's what's right in the world.

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    Addicted to cerebral and lyric-laden music, but constantly pursued by the spectre of mainstream pop. Overwhelmed often by the modern age of information.

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    Twitter: @baronetess


    Media, culture, food, art, words, words, words. Coy as all get out. And smart, too.

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    Twitter: @marleymagaziner

    Dr. Zachary

    909s and good times.

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    Twitter: @drzachary


    Can usually be found either watching, listening to, talking/writing/complaining /salivating about, or occasionally creating music. Give her passion, synthesizers and/or minor chords and you're good to go. Ask her aboutApartment Stories.

    All posts by Liz

    Twitter: @lizraftery