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    The Cutest Femme Fatale We Know


    It's no secret that we here at Soldout have a special love-mock relationship with Britney Spears. We love  for its vapidity--or surprising lack thereof--and laugh at the popstar for the same reason. Femme Fatale? Over-produced jams with ridiculous lyrics. Love. Her fear of flying but desire to be a bird? Priceless. Mock...and also love.

    Personally, I've come to think that the woman has lost interest in her pop star career and wants to retire, but she knows her retirement wouldn't be a James Murphy-esque step out of the spotlight into another one, but a true decision to stay home with the kids and the new boyfriend watching Dora the Explorer and giggling. And she's not quite ready to admit that and knows that even if her career has spanned almost 20 years, she's still barely 30. And maybe the latest video is her unwillingness to admit that, judging from her Hello Kitty colored hair extensions and Ke$ha-esque irreverence. 

    However, within the video are so many delightful self-deprecating references that I think she's actually grown up a lot. Unless she's a better actress than I know...and that marquee for Cross Roads 2: Cross Harder is NOT a joke: 

    (Thanks to  Edith Zimmerman at The Hairpin for pointing that out--Easter Egg indeed!)

    So...without counting all of the best moments, here are my faves. Add your own in the comments pls!

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    Dance Off of the Sexes


    I'm not much for the battle of the sexes. It's just not my feminism. I don't think the girls versus guys competition really gets us anywhere, it just breeds more animosity between the sexes.

    But if we're talking dance is ON. Which is why I really, really hope that Beyonce's latest is the first in a series of girls versus boys dance offs. I feel like the Spice Girls really threw down the gauntlet in the late 90's with their Girl Power schtick but from a feminist see-privilege-say-something stance, it was really White Girl it's nice to see Beyonce taking it into the next century with a more inclusive stance. The dudes in riot gear in the desert bring it into a contemporary international setting (veiled implication, y'all).

    So. Who do you think will return the volley?


    again in the reeds and the rushes

    Hand it to John, Jack and Heather of S4LEM: what they are most concerned with is using their music to create a mood. This video, for their standout track "Sick" (or "S!CK" or "SICKX" or whatever you want to call it), could have been many things. What it is: a mood of urban/southern violence. Gangs fight, girls dance, it's grainy and uncomfortable and basically the exact word this song exists in. If the song is evil, the video is a snuff film. And while I've had the song on repeat since the record came out, I've no desire to watch this clip again. 



    What Pop Culture Dreams Are Made of


    Ke$ha - Blow …the video. With James Van Der Beek, unicorns, rainbows, deadly lasertag, human taxidermy (remember: the album is called Cannibal), and autotune. 




    Reactions upon watching this (in real time from gchat)

    Marley: obv i have to watch this


    This is getting filed with the movie Blow in a category I am calling “WAIT THIS IS NOT ABOUT DRUGS?!”

    Russ: no it is not about drugs but it has unicorns

    Marley: fair enough

    dude laser tag is AWESOME


    this video kinda wins

    Russ: i told you


    updated to add: I just realized that this was the inspiration for the video. Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper plus some 8th grade doodles.  Ke$ha's what, 21 and a day? She still has those.


     ...wait, the movie Blow is totally about drugs, isn't it. huh.