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    Clouded Dreams: Interview With 800beloved

    When the chance to add 800beloved onto the lineup for the soldout part at Santos on Aug 5 occurred, we jumped at it. I, personally, have been a huge fan of 800beloved since their moody, atmospheric and brilliantly well-written debut Bouquet, an album so timeless it should be canonized. The band's latest, Everything Purple, is another collection of shimmering anthems that  warm and freeze the heart. 

    We tossed a few questions the way of 800beloved's Sean Lynch. The origin of the name,  the first album he purchased and more, as well as a stream of the new album's title cut, under the jump.

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    The Party

    Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow...

    Ok, so snow shut down our last attempt at throwing a major launch party. But, like Bloc Party said: "so here we are."

    The Bloodsugars, 800Beloved and Field Mouse at Santos Party House NYC on Aug 5. This is an early show. Meaning doors are at 7 PM. Do not be late, and plan to party after! 

    Tickets are $8 right now, $10 at the door.  Buy now and be the cool kid.

    Also RSVP on Facebook to win cool stuff


    These kids are on fire-BM LINX

    Have we mentioned the launch party this weds at Santos yet? No? Oh, shit, we should.

    (I mean it was also in the New Yorker, but who the hell reads that?)

    One of our bands, the superfierce BM Linx, threw some questions around with us via email. Catch those under the

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    we backed up showed you the ropes

    The Ropes were the first New York band I discovered and loved entirely on my own after moving to NY in March, without anyone pointing me to them, and I quickly became obsessed with their dark, witty, fuzzy, smarmy & literate take on...what? No-wave? Shamble pop? Jangle rock? Garage-top? Doesn't matter, they're smart and they'll punch you, and if you're smart you'll let them.

    They're playing the soldout launch party at Santos this Weds Feb 10 (which you can win tickets to here), and one of my live favorites of theirs that stands out equally in studio recording is "Be My Gun".

    The Ropes: Be My Gun

    It's the fucking fuzz as the song blows up into that plea-"listen/listen/here's a warning"-god, this is a great fucking song. The Ropes recently popped out a new EP and single, and all of their music is available for consumption at their site.

    Catch The Ropes at our party at Santos Party House Weds, Feb 10, 7pm.


    Win Tickets to the Soldout Launch Party!

    So, our big launch party at Santos Party House is officially less than a week away, and we're as excited as Taylor Swift on Grammy night.

    Get your $10 tickets here - and do it fast!

    If you're still on the fence about coming out on a Wednesday to rock, check out our Apartment Story session with headliners The Bloodsugars.

    Picture that, but louder. And with drinks. And preceded by equally stellar music from Ludlow Lions, BMLINX, and The Ropes. And with some deejaying by Ben Breier and Richy.

    Because we're feeling nice, we're offering one lucky person a pair of tickets to the party. Just e-mail your full name, age, and why we should give you tickets to Bonus points for witticisms and pictures of pugs.