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    SPF 5000. 

    PARAISO- Nurvous Records by SPF 5000

    Y'know how "house music" usually has some impossibly deep-voiced duder announcing mid-track that you're listening to "HOUSE MUSIC"? Because you might not know? 

    SPF 5000 doesn't need that shit. Just Amy Douglas's channeling of every disco goddess ever plus producer Rob Phillips's beats plus fun. Their new track PARAISO (on NURVOUS) is an anthem. Check them on SoundCloud here. We've been fans of @SPF5K for a while now--my personal fave is P.O.T.S.--and if you're on SoundCloud you're going to want to follow them. As their Twitter bio says they're a "25th Century Dance Band": futuristic, beepy, bouncy, genre-crushing, and highly danceable. 

    "Ok," you're thinking, "They've got a few tracks online, that's neat...but when can we hear the full power of Douglas's vocals and maybe see her in some leopard print and seqins?"


    Adventure[s] makes no promises regarding Ms. Douglas's outfit... but I'm crossing my fingers. 





    From the times magazine style pages.

    So the band whose members couldn't bother to wake up for the NYT interview now lets the Times dress them up in Alexander McQueen? (413xaNdr Mc2u33n?)  John (We meant Jack, sorry. I think if we know anything it's who is who in Salem, Marley just wanted to get this up as quickly as possible given that we were all WTF SALEM + ALEXANDESTER CROWLEY MCQUEEN WTF--Ed.)

     got to wear his own white tee, although he's stylin an $1800 foxtail. And I'm sure slightly soiled off white white tees are Dior Homme's next big thing. 

    ...there's a selling out and soldout. pun in there...can you make it for us?