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    The Next Invasion? By Collin Kelley

    Friend of soldout Collin Kelley submitted this article after hearing me rave about my new musical crush Delphic on the twitters. I was turned on to Delphic when soldout writer Ben blathered something about something about a remix of something about something regardless of what he was saying (I don't know, I don't listen to him), I checked out the song in question, "Counterpoint", and had my life changed. Collin Kelley presents bands that may also be life-changing according to the Brits.


    The Next Invasion?

    By Collin Kelley

     Every few years, America gets a new “British Invasion” – a clutch of artists from the UK who storm the Billboard charts or become overnight sensations on YouTube (and I’m not including Susan Boyle). Over the last few years, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Mika, Gossip, Adele, La Roux and Florence + The Machine have made inroads into stateside consciousness.

     In December, the BBC announced its Sound of 2010 poll, a yearly list of up-and-coming musicians selected by UK industry experts to be the “next big thing.” This year’s list was decidedly British (last year’s list included American acts Lady Gaga and Kid Cudi), so chances are you’ve never heard of any of them.

     In the long list of 15 acts, three stood out:

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