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    It's the end of R.E.M. as we know it.

     So we're still saying goodbye to R.E.M.  As a further method of coping, both Liz and I have compiled our 10 favorite R.E.M. songs, some known, some unknown, some from albums you may not own if you're pretty sure they stopped recording with Automatic (spoiler: they didn't!). Additionally, if you're in New York we'd love to have you come raise a glass and shout THAT'S GREAT IT STARTS WITH AN EARTHQUAKE etc etc along with us when I DJ this R.E.M. tribute night on Thursday in Greenpoint. 


    The Facebook RSVP is here, where you can leave song requests.  We'd love to see you/sing/cry with you.

    For now, though, let's take a look at the living document of R.E.M. masterpieces, as selected by Liz and myself.

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    An Open Letter to R.E.M.

    Dear Michael, Mike and Peter (and Bill, sort of) --

    I was shattered to hear the news last week that you guys are calling it quits, and it's taken me a full week to be able to articulate exactly why. I still don't think I capture it very well.

    The thing is, you're the first and only band I truly grew up with. Thirty-one years strong at the time of your demise, you're older than I am. At first I thought, "This must have been how my mom felt when The Beatles broke up." But The Fab Four were only active for a third of the time you've been around – and popular for even less time than that.

    R.E.M. has played such an integral role in my life as a music fan. Out of Time is my number-one desert island album. You were my first favorite band.

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