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About music and about writing about music. And sometimes about writing about writing about music. 

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    Hi, this is Russ, and I’d like to introduce you to soldout-another music blog in the endless stream of them. Maybe soldout will be funnier than your favorite music blog, maybe it will be more cutting-edge, maybe it will just discuss fewer bands with animals for names. Maybe it’ll just pop across your radar once, like that Britney Spears song.

    (No, not that one: the one about being on your radar. Yeah, that one.)

    Either way, a very, very talented team of people who I pay in candycakes full of snowdreams will be augmenting the brilliance here with their own words, pictures, and sounds, and other stuff that’s good for your eyes and ears, too.

    And that, as they say, is that.

    <3 from Russ (and Team)