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    Homophobia, double standards and Adam Lambert by Collin Kelley 

    Collin Kelley is an Atlanta-based journalist, acclaimed poet and novelist. Upon reading his insightful and intelligent tweets and Facebook messages regarding the American Music Awards/Adam Lambert controversy, I contacted him asking him to pen his thoughts, long form, for soldout. He graciously obliged. For further information, backstory and video performance regarding Adam Lambert and the AMAs controversy, Examiner has thoroughly compiled links.

    Homophobia, double standards and Adam Lambert

    By Collin Kelley

    American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert was coy about his sexuality until after the competition ended, although there were photos floating around the internet of Lambert making out with a boyfriend and wearing enough make up to give any drag queen a run for her money. Everyone knew Lambert was gay (okay, maybe some tweens and 45 year old women with 14 cats didn’t catch on), and when he "officially" outed himself in the pages of Rolling Stone there was a collective "Duh."  

    Lambert's vocal acrobatics and glam rock persona made him the most exciting stage performer Idol had seen in its eight seasons. But he was also controlled by the producers and sang "safe" covers of classic and modern rock that appealed to all demographics and wouldn't shock the 8 p.m. viewing audience. So, Lambert's performance on Sunday night's American Music Awards left many of his fans, Christian conservative wing nuts and parents who'd let their young children stay up until nearly 11 p.m. on a school night in absolute OUTRAGE!

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