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    See The Moon

    The amazing, shimmering shoegaze-pop (which isn't the right genre at all, hold tight) of Her Vanished Grace is really rare. It's easy to slap "shoegaze" on it because it operates in that genre, uses all the right tricks and pedals, but at the end of the day it's hummable, it's upbeat, it's less about grey and more about that sort of blue light Didion talks about in the intro to her newest memoir. They have a vide from the title track off of their latest record--you'll see what I mean.

    Her Vanished Grace  joins Noveller (looping work reminiscent of a extroverted Grouper) and Field Mouse (who played the soldout launch party last year) at Union Hall in Brooklyn on Nov 9 for this year's inaugural Rage Against The Dying Of The Light. I'm DJing. We'll all be warm and shine. Tickets for that are very, very cheap and they ensure these winter-only bashes keep happening...I'd love to see you, but most importantly I'd love for you to see these artists make the magic that is their music. 

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