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    Apartment Story: We Are Augustines

    The debut album from buzzworthy trio We Are Augustines, Rise Ye Sunken Ships, comes out today, and the band invited soldout to their Brooklyn studio on a recent hot summer afternoon for a performance of the first single, "Chapel Song." Weaving a common thread throughout the album as a whole are themes of insecurity, vulnerability and loss, and this leadoff track is no exception.

    "This song is about lost love and witnessing an old love and bride-to-be walk down the aisle to be married," according to singer Billy McCarthy. "So often in life it is difficult for us to keep a good face on the outside while our insides are burning. Hollow handshakes and blank stares at a wedding sum up the sentiment here."

    We Are Augustines will be on tour throughout September to promote the record; for dates and more information, visit


    Watch...the Throne?

    From the ornate gold cover designed by Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci to the overblown, ear-punishing last half of the album, Watch the Throne is not what I expected from Jay-Z and Kayne West's colloboration. (I did indeed expect to be spending hours inscribing its lyrics onto pictures of cats, but well--everybody's life is weird in some ways.)

    Yes, I have your cats. Fresh lulz, straight from Watch the Throne, on which Kanye was even kind enough to drop an "lololol" to make it easier.

    I'm about to go H.A.M. (I mean, I really should get some ham, this is going to be a rough one.)

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    Gaga made a great vid. 

    Gaga made good: the video for "You and I", (and no, NOT going to put the little mark over the "o", sorry) is everything the video for "Edge of Glory" wasn't--weird, thematically inappropriate, and absolutely over the fucking top. Mermaid Gaga makes an appearance, as does her male alter-ego. This video, like her best, has so little to do with the actual song. I particularly approve of how she's stealing Marilyn Manson's love of prosthetics from the 90s. 


    Parts Unknown

    Here's the thing about "Repatriated", the best song off the Handsome Furs' immaculate new record Sound Kapital : for all its keyboard gusto, sing-along epic chorus and absolute dancefloor grooviness, it's a punk song. Moreso than any of the other rebellious jams on the record, "Repatriated" is a middle finger to the "man", one that works whether or not you know the history of the record, how it came from Dan and Alexi's soviet travels and underground parties. This song tops, for me, even the highest moments of their last record, because it captures the rebellious spirit of the post-punk and new wave they bled, drop by drop, into the record. This song is basically perfect. 


    Slump n bump

    Crypt Thing's Rotational Slumping record is absolutely ridiculous, an utter hedonistic treat from start to finish. It reminds me of this party I heard of recently, based around the concept of gorging yourself on ice cream topped with various pizza toppings and then dancing all night. That's this record: a delirious, sugar-coded narcotic ride through mall-pop and breakbeats, glorious and evil at the same time. 

    Perfume Girls by Crypt Thing

    This song, "Perfume Girls", is one of my favorites on the record. It's Tiffany being kidnapped from...or, worse yet, locked inside her ever-present mall..forever.  

    When I say that, to me, this song sounds like a clown party, I hope it's understood that I mean it keeps me up at night in terror.

    Check out Crypt Thing at the Living Tapes site.  

    More music on Crypt Thing's Soundcloud