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    I want all that stupid old shit

    I am in love with author Stephen Elliot the way that I am in love with Exile In Guyville-era Liz Phair. His writing is honest and makes me either ache or wish I was aching-how fucked up is that? To live in a state of yearning for pain? But that's what both do to me.They also-Elliot as he is and Phair how she was-achieve a state of constant honesty that's also such art it's impossible to fuck or fake. They both share too much, and in doing so can never, ever say enough. Is it obvious? I want to be them.

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    This was the sound of my Halloween

    Telepathe, "So Fine"


    Bizzare Love Triangle

    "I feel fine, hey, I feel good..."

    - Bernard Sumner, Motivational Coach


    Shit I liked in the 90s and cannot justify, Vol 2

    This one comes via Jill of Dehumidifier and Tiny Bonos:

    "it's the ultimate drive-to-your-local-mall in your '92 corolla and
    dance in your car song
    also, it sounds good behind a montage"

    Gin Blossoms, "Hey Jealousy"

    Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy

    Jose | MySpace Video

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    13 Moons

    The night before Amanda Fucking Palmer takes over the Music Hall Of Williamsburg, the similarly witchy (albeit in a more ethereal realm) Kai Altair is reclaiming the magick (yes, with a "k") of Friday the 13th with an album release party Friday, Nov 13 at House Of Yes in east Williamsburg NY-the likes of which must be fully experienced to be believed.

    Told you. Tickets are available RIGHT NOW and will go incredibly fast (again-see the lineup). And, in case you've forgotten: Kai's dark, creeping lovesong to the moon and the night, "Howl"-now available here as a little teaser...a treat...or a trick...for you.

    Kai Altair: Howl